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I’m Capybara Holding! No, its not a company name, its just a cute meme-coin of capybara holding on Solana… and other stuffs…

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About $CPY

Imbued with the pulsating energy of meme coins that have ignited the fervor of the crypto sphere, Capybara Holding ($CPY) emerges as a tribute to the iconic progenitor, Dogecoin. Riding the waves of internet culture, Capybara Holding ($CPY) embraces its heritage while embarking on an adventurous expedition into uncharted realms.

Fusing the magnetic charm of memes with the formidable potential of on-chain staking, Capybara Holding ($CPY) pioneers a trailblazing journey, captivating both fervent enthusiasts and astute investors in search of untapped avenues for prosperity.




$CPY Token supply is 100 Billion






3 Mth Vesting!


$CPY is the official meme-token of Capybara Holding built on Solana. Capybara Holding may sound like a company name, but its really just capybaras holding onto some stuffs…

Did you read the first FAQ degen!? Solana if that makes you feel better. Team Solana to the moon !

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No one has seen the future. First milestone 1 $CPY = 1 SOL. Cuz obviously we want it to keep going up

Read our whitepaper! Obviously we chose one of the cutest and resilient animal on this planet!

Here is some relaxing Capybara song for you ....


Capybara Holding and its token $CPY is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectations of financial returns. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposely only. 

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